“My university has a Writing Center. They offer free proofreading; and editing at $10 an hour, with a maximum fee of $500 for a Doctoral dissertation or book. Why should I go to you?”


(1)  I Am A Subject-Matter Specialist.  I have degrees in law, and an interdisciplinary PhD in communications, sociology and organizational culture.

Beyond that, I have taught and developed graduate-level courses in law, business, communications, criminology, and more.

On the contrary, many instructors and editors at university Writing Centers are Grad students, or undergraduates majoring in English.

Others have a Master’s in English language, linguistics or literature, but very few have a PhD in a specialized field.

Proofreaders and “editors” at these centers are often undergraduates whose “editing” is, at best, limited to grammar and punctuation.

But they are clueless about thesis statements, theoretical framework(s), or how best to word your hypotheses or research problem to reflect your research goals.

I know, because I’m often asked to fix dissertations “edited” by Writing Center editors.


(2)  I Get Your Work Edited On Time.

I have never missed a deadline, no matter how tight.  (See here, here, here, and here.)

If you have a crucial deadline, contact me first to confirm my availability.

Plan it right, and this should leave you with plenty of time to make yourself some crème brûlée before you have to sit down and read my edits of your work.


(3)  I Have An Unparalleled, 100% Successful Doctoral Completion Rate.

My track record in academic editing speaks for itself.