Dr. K. Shanmugam, Ed.D, Head of Program, Singapore University of Social Sciences

[Doctoral dissertation received an ‘A’ from University of Western Australia, New South Wales, Australia]

On my request, when I set out to write chapters of my doctoral dissertation, Serene became my mentor and editor.

Serene is a meticulous and remarkable person who instantly understood what exactly my dissertation was all about, as well as the areas in my dissertation that were weak or lacked analysis.

She is a resourceful, creative and solution-oriented person who is able to come up with new and innovative ways to solve problems.

Though my area of research was about the status of Tamil Language, she was fully aware of the issues raised in my thesis and quite often posed challenging questions regarding them. These helped me tremendously to narrowly define my dissertation and see it within its larger context.

Since then, she has also worked with me on various other book chapters, forthcoming book, proposals, etc. Based on my continued working experience with her, I unreservedly recommend her coaching and editing services on complex dissertations and writing projects where deadlines are tight.

Even though we are both based in different countries, this arrangement has worked very well for me for more than eight years now.  I continue to send my writing to her for editing.

[Ongoing client since 2010.]