Letters of Thanks

"Serene is someone who is not only interested in helping you improve your writing, but is also committed to helping you succeed in your project...."
"With your help, I received an offer from MIT's Master of City Planning with 75% tuition waiver, and an offer from University of Cambridge's Master of Architecture and Urban Studies. Thank you so much for your patient help and for being so awesome!"
"You were very responsive, less than 12 hours turnaround, you were accommodating to changes and my tight schedule, and you took initiative to make my thesis better."
"She has impressed me with her strong sense of responsibility, commitment and remarkable intellectual ability across disciplines, with relevant real-world application."
"Experienced with different styles of writing, she is able to shape delivery in a language style that is aligned to the different academic traditions, be it one which needs lengthy and elaborate sentences; or one which prefers a short and sweet account."
"Her experience and knowledge gives me the confidence to trust her, knowing that I can rely on the quality of work she will provide."
"Serene is a meticulous and remarkable person who instantly understood what exactly my dissertation was all about, as well as the areas in my dissertation that were weak or lacked analysis... helped me tremendously to narrowly define my dissertation and see it within its larger context."
"She oversaw essays I wrote... and gave me detailed feedback on how to improve my writing and what I should include or omit when answering specific questions."
"I really appreciate your high efficiency in editing. You are a professional and experienced editor. The version that you edit is always so great!"

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