Dr. Hee Jhee Jhiow, Ph.D in Communications & New Media, Assistant Professor, Singapore

Thank you Serene for all that you have done for me!

You were very responsive, less than 12 hours turnaround, you were accommodating to changes and my tight schedule, and you took initiative to make my thesis better.

I really appreciate your work ethic!  Moreover, you were encouraging and supportive.

I walked into the Ph.D program not really knowing what to expect, but with your encouragement, and your sharing of your experiences with other doctoral students…  I will say it again: you take care of the person, not just the dissertation!

I thank you very much!

I highly recommend Serene as your editor, or partner in the Ph.D process, as some might call it.

In my experience with her, she has done more than just editing.  She worked hard according to my tight, uncertain and fluctuating schedule.

She also took the initiative to make my thesis substantially better, going beyond expectation.