Dr. Serene Lim, Ph.D

Professional Academic Editor, Educator & Coach Since 1991


Dr. Serene changed my approach to answering exam questions.

At the regular school I attended, we were told we had to ‘build up to a point’ and then explain all the foreshadowing.

My problem wasn’t with understanding Equity concepts or terms.  It was with knowing what, specifically, and how much detail, of the legal concepts had to be defined and applied to the facts of the question.

My marks for other modules were in the ‘B’ and ‘C’ range.  Still, I was shocked that I had failed Equity.

Three weeks before my re-sit exam, I sought Dr. Serene’s help.

What was really helpful was Dr. Serene’s detailed marking, showing the structure and approach to answering exam questions.

I learned what needs to go into my written answers, and what to leave out.

For my re-sit exam, I did exactly as advised.

I went straight to the point, identified the issues, and analyzed the given facts.

Where previously I had failed badly, scoring 15 out of 100 marks, with Dr. Serene’s exam prep, I achieved an ‘A-‘ grade.

– Danny Patel

[South America, 2018]

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