Dr. Serene Lim, Ph.D

Professional Academic Editor, Educator & Coach Since 1991


My editing fee is based on a number of factors:

Clearly, my editing goes beyond just grammar and punctuation.

My fee is higher where I am a subject-matter specialist in your field (i.e., where I have taught, or am teaching, or have developed graduate or undergraduate courses, in the area related to your topic; have technical expertise in, conducted research or written technical or specialized papers on, that topic).

Some students come to me with writing that require only minimal editing, but the majority require heavy editing — and advising… on data interpretation, the level of analysis required, etc.

I do a line-by-line editing, regardless of initial impressions.  In the process, I tighten your writing, ensure academic soundness, and push you to a higher standard.

In my fee summary, I specify what will be included in the editing process.

PS:  Any writing you send to me for editing must be in English.  I do not provide translation services.

PPS:  Please be clear: I edit.  I do not provide writing services.

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