Victor Modhi, South America

I attribute my success in law school, and the fact that I am now the proud holder of a Bachelor of Laws degree, to the guidance and preparation by Dr Serene.

2019 has been an incredible year for me.

With Dr. Serene’s coaching and guidance, tutoring and exam preparation on five modules, and her constant belief in me,

  • I passed all five of my final modules in May with good marks.
  • I graduated LL.B with a much higher GPA than I imagined would be possible.
  • I applied to only two LL.M programs at prestigious law schools in New York, following her advice, coaching and editing, and was accepted to both!
  • I received two merit-based scholarship offers for the LL.M, including the Dean’s Merit Scholarship.
  • I submitted my first article to a university law journal in England, after Dr. Serene worked with me on revising and editing, and it was accepted!
  • As 2019 ends, I am on my way to New York City to begin my LL.M studies in January 2020.

I am definitely continuing with Dr. Serene’s coaching and weekly tutoring throughout the next two years of my LL.M studies and Bar exams.

On my parents’ insistence, soon after my acceptance, Dr. Serene has been working with me on my LL.M prep.

My sister is in her 1st year of law school, and is also under Dr. Serene’s weekly tutelage and coaching.

Victor Modhi,

[Ongoing since 2018]