Dr. Serene Lim, Ph.D

Professional Academic Editor, Educator & Coach Since 1991


Dr. S. Anderson, Associate Professor of Politics & Public Policy, Virginia, USA

I was a very stressed-out grad student (juggling classes, work and family) on the verge of dropping out of the doctoral program when my academic adviser suggested I contact Serene.

Serene prepped me hard for the Comprehensives, and I exceeded even my adviser’s expectations.

I continued with her Mentoring Program throughout the dissertation writing stage.

Working with her helped me focus, and shortened my writing process.

I finished writing within six months, which is a significant measure for my field of study (comparative politics), where it is easy to wander off and meander down academic rabbit holes.

Serene edited my dissertation, several book chapters and numerous journal articles.

It has been 12 years, and she’s still the editor I trust with my writing.

Now I send my doctoral students to her.

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