Dr. Rahayu, Ph.D, Lecturer, Communication Science, Gadja Mada University, Indonesia

I have known Dr. Serene and used her services as a professional academic editor for more than eight years, and have learned so much about academic writing from her.

When I was enrolled in the MA/PhD program at National University of Singapore, my academic adviser recommended that graduate students in the department contact Dr. Serene for academic editing.

I admire her ability to shape my ideas in an appropriate academic style and she showed me how to elaborate on ideas so it is more efficient and clear.

As a faculty member, I am required to continue to be published in established academic journals on a regular basis.

I have continued to depend on her guidance, expertise and editorial knowledge over the years for my research publications in academic journals, as well as for conference papers, research proposals, thesis, book chapters, and an upcoming book.

In the process, she has helped me build my confidence and academic career.

She has impressed me with her strong sense of responsibility, commitment and remarkable intellectual ability across disciplines, with relevant real-world application.

To me, she is not only a professional editor, but also “an approved reader” who gives critical comments and suggestions on my writing.

[2009 – 2017]